Monday, February 18, 2013

Port Gamble Morning


Our tradition for celebrating Valentine's Day is a trip to Port Gamble.  The town is so small and quaint and charming.  And it makes for a great day trip.

Some colouring while we wait for breakfast to be served.

We *must* bring home a bottle of finn river wine.  I'm thinking pear.

Our Finn noticed the "fsh" right away at the sea museum.

The prerequisite visit to the fabric shop.  Oh, glorious rows of beautiful potential!

Sadly, The Artful Ewe was closed for a fiber arts show.  This was very unfortunate for me since I so enjoyed my visit last year, and I really did need some more yarn...


But we made up for lack of wool with a purchase at the Wish Boutique - a sweet Beatrix Potter floor puzzle for three little girlies.