Sunday, November 8, 2009

Soap and Baubles

Come, take a peek!


  1. Glorious~ :)
    how lovely!!
    Your new blog background
    is BEAUTIFUL by the way!
    SO tasteful and sophisticated!!!


    Love~ Miss Jen

  2. You've been a busy bee! ;)
    And that reminds me - I'm going to place an order soon for some more of that delicious chocolate chai soap...

  3. So that's why you never call ~ busy, busy, busy! The soap looks so good! I love all the lavender on top.
    Your little shoppe is getting full! ;~}
    Luv ya!

  4. Oh, how nice to come by and visit with you again! I didn't sign up to follow here at your new place and therefore don't see you in my Google reader. That's fixed now!

    The soap and necklace are lovely! And your bread post looks so yummy! I often make bread ~ it is one of my favorite things to bake (and eat).

    Kind regards! ldh


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