Friday, January 29, 2010

A Stitch in Time

Many years ago my great~Granny Smith started teaching me the basics of crochet. She was always crafting something lovely ~ lacy collars, darling little dolly clothes. And she was one of those rare gems who knew the delicate art of tatting. How I wish we'd had the chance for her to pass that on to me! I'll share some pictures of her beautiful work soon.

With my basics, I attempted a (very amateur) crocheted scarf for a friend at school, but didn't pick up a hook again for a long time until a few years ago when I thought I'd try again. I have a sweet friend who very patiently helped me with the stitches, and even gave me some of her pattern books and supplies. But if you don't have a Mrs. Rachel E. to give you her wisdom and you'd like to learn crochet, check out these sites for good instructions:
I printed these out and carry them around in my yarn bag to refresh my memory. The pictures and directions are clear and simple.
This website is almost too much fun! Lots of free vintage crochet patterns like these baby bootees that I'm working on with some scrumptious silk/bamboo yarn in "sea" (is there anything lovelier?)

And no worries about crochet being stuffy; there are plenty of fun, modern projects for this generation, too. How about these super~cute juicy apple pot scrubbers?! Not sure if I'd even want to scrub some dirty ol' pot with them! You can find the free pattern for them here along with lots of others like scarves, afghans, baby toys...

Here's a "granny smith" apple I'm finishing. ;)
I think she'd be pleased.


  1. Aren't we blessed to know dear Mrs Rachel E? (She taught me how to crochet doilies, such fun!)

  2. Hmmm! Did you remember that Grandma would have been 108yrs. old yesterday? I miss her so!
    Your croceting is excellent! (Gram would want you to make her one of everything ~ she didn't want to miss out! ;~P )I will have to check out that freevintagecrochet site ~ sounds fun!
    Luv ya!

  3. I can't believe this....
    I tried to learn how to crochet when I was pregnant. I was terribly impatient(too many hormones I think). Any way my I just bought some hooks and a cheap ball of yarn. While on my lunch break today, I was trying to remember what to do. I promised myself that I was going to have to get on the net and look up some tutorials. Wow! God is good.
    LoVe & PrAyErs,
    ~Me ;o)

  4. Sorry for the typo. I don't know where that extra, "my" came from. LOL

  5. You have made some really sweet things. Happy memories of your Granny Smith! Thanks for the links!

  6. I think she'd be mighty pleased, Michelle!

    I love to crochet, although I'm self-taught and not very good. I make something I call "slocks". They are basically crocheted tubes with rounded ends for toes. They're very cozy in the wintertime and I like to use yarn died in multi-colours. Then I usually make tassels or crocheted twirly flowers to go on the sides.
    I do have a problem with my right shoulder at the moment, so all my yarn and needles are just sitting in my closet. Patiently.


  7. Oh how sweet those are! I love all the colors of your yarn and those fruit! It is wonderful carrying on the things passed on to us by our family ~Blessings Love Heather

  8. The scrubbers are adorable -- I might just glaze over a pan or two on purpose just so I could use one!

    Warm wishes,



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