Friday, February 5, 2010

What We Found in Our Backyard!

Or in our neighbors' backyard, that is.

Will you take a walk of discovery with us?

We cross the lawn and enter the mossy woods where our properties meet.

Across a little fallen log to the path. A deer trail that has been travelled by two~legged explorers recently. Deer have the most delightful adventures!

Wild ginger. =)

Passing through the two trees that meet to form an arch over the path.

Under low~bowing limbs dripping with moss.

All the way to the rustic steps and handrail that lead to...

the creek.


  1. I believe I've just been on a tour through the Forest of Fangorn in The Lord of the Rings! Beautiful photos, Michele! The one with the moss-covered boughs is wondrous indeed.


  2. How fun! It reminds me of the Ho Rain Forest. I remember taking two little girls on walks there and in the woodland behind our place ~ do you remember? ;~D
    I think it would be so fun to scatter some little flowering bulbs and seeds along the path, like trillium and wild bleeding heart, bluebells and columbine! A touch from the faeries, perhaps!
    Luv ya!

  3. What a beautiful, beautiful place! I can see lots of fairies making this their home :) .

    Thanks for giving us a preview of spring~



  4. Wow that is beautiful what a wonderful walk you had I enjoyed the pictures ~ and a big Thankyou the makeup came in today ~you wrapped it up all so nice and the thoughtful card is just wonderful ~My mother will love it I can't wait to surprise here in the mail ~Blessings Love Heather


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