Friday, September 10, 2010

Did The Puyallup

Which one doesn't belong?

" We got to brush a pony. We can't bring one home, but we got to brush one."

Stopping to smell the flowers.

The giant slide!!!

Dragon coaster.

" Where's the fire? We'll put it out!"

And finally, the flower displays for Mama.


  1. Now, some will be asking "What is the Puyallup?" Unless they are from our dear state, they probably can't even pronounce it! ;~P
    We are going next Friday. The first time in years and years that it has been your fathers suggestion! He wants to look at tractors. Some how I think we will be getting a new one of them sooner than a truck!
    The girls look like they had a wonderful time ~ even without GM and GP! (We are crushed, but will get over it, I suppose!) I think we will have to get them a pony for Christmas!

  2. Your mom is right! What is a Puyallup? (How come you can't take the pony home. Huh?)

    That IS a big slide! (And two very brave little girls.)



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