Tuesday, October 5, 2010

October Camping

We like to do everything outdoors in the fall: camping, hiking, picnicing...we even had our wedding outside in October. We live on the edge.

A car seat makes a nice improv camp chair.

Our tent has had an epiphany. =)

On our way home we stopped at the steel bridge. It's been a long time since I've seen it, and the rest of the family had never been there. We drove slowly across the old one-lane trestle to the other side, and then got out to walk along the edge with the entirely too-skimpy railing (in my opinion) to throw some (natural) objects over the edge. Daddy found a rock, Pea grabbed a nice stick, and Rae chose a lovely leaf...which refused to fall because of the air current above the gorge. I think she was a little disappointed.

The actual height is much greater than this picture would have you believe. Those are tall trees, and a big river!


  1. Ok! When did you go camping and where did you camp? (Did you go to Laney Camp? Did Dad give you direction?)Did you get cold? Did the girls have fun? Was I in NY? What did you do with Percy? Was this before he arrived? Did you see my recent post on the steel bridge? Don't you love it when I ask so many questions?

  2. Looks Wonderful!!...Thats my kind of fun for sure!! ~Beautiful Pictures thanks for sharing ~p.s. I need to order some more soap soon I am almost out ;D ~Love Heather

  3. What fun! And just looking at that pic from the steel bridge makes me feel a little nervous... :)


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