Friday, November 19, 2010

Hair History

Some of my groovy hairdos for your amusement:

"The Mrs. McGillicuddy"
Oh, wait! That's a wig! It IS terribly appealing, don't you think?

"The Bangs"
I believe this is commonly referred to now as a mullet.

"The Eighties Business Woman"
My favorite era...not!

"The Susan Powder"
It got a little dicey here.

"The Pixie"
Here we went darker. Nice duds there, Farmer Browning!

"The Platinum Pixie"
So many colors, so little time...

"The Burgundy"
Hair coloring disaster. I've only shown you the toned down version; the first run was not pretty.

"The Monroe"
Whether Marilyn or James, I'll leave it to you to decide.

"The Rapunzel"
Letting it grow as long as possible. (Long hair IS fun; I miss it a little.)

And here's the current style:
My own color. My own design (with a little help).

What daring coifs might the future hold?


  1. I think you look beautiful! The hair style brings out your cheekbones and make your eyes and smile just pop!!

    But the long hair was just as lovely :)

    Thank you for letting us see how it looks now ;-D


  2. Oh, Michele! You just crack me up! But you forgot a few ~ Remember *the Sweep* ~ your hair all over to one side and you had to hold your head crooked so it would stay there even with a ton of hairspray? (M.J. Sund reminds me of that every now and then), and how about *the Olive Oil* the hairstyle you were wearing when you first met your darling hubby (with the outfit to match)?
    All enchanting, my darling daughter! wear your hair anyway you want, just don't change your sweet personality!
    Luv you lots!
    p.s. Photo #8 ~ I'll go with James just for the fun of it! (Even though I don't think I have ever seen a pic of him ~ you are talking the pres. right?)
    p.s.s. Percy is getting so big and he is just adorable!

  3. How did I never see you with "The Monroe"!?!?!?!

    Love all the pics!!

  4. Ha love your post how cute!! Your new hair is so pretty love the piecy layers you look beautiful ~Love Heather

  5. I KNEW you were a kindred spirit! I can't tell you how many incarnations my hair has gone through. (Still agog at the Marilyn by the way.)

    Your own design is spiffy! I love it!


  6. I think my hair lives vicariously through yours - the picture you have there is pretty much how it has always looked, other than the time I permed it and ended up looking like a poodle.


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