Thursday, April 7, 2011

Happiness Is...

...finding a vintage dress form at a local estate sale for $50. She's been lowered for travelling; I'll have to figure out how to make her tall again. Her previous owner called her Heddie ~ because she has no head. Maybe I'll rename her something along the lines of...Marie Antoinette? And I'm thinking of having her show off my wedding dress.

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  1. Oh! Fudge!
    My stupid computer ~ I sent a comment and it didn't take it! Now I have to write it again!!!(If it did go through, delete this one so no one will see how goofy I am! :~! )
    I love, love, love your dress form! (I am so jealous!) M.A. will look stunning wearing your wedding gown!(Not as lovely as you were, however!)
    I wonder if Percy would like the tree kind of scratching post better? I think he likes to be naughty just to get you to come after him. He wants to play with his mommy!
    Luv ya! ;~P


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