Wednesday, June 22, 2011


No, just a "small" black bear meandering down our trail to the creek. I'm glad he didn't make a meal of any of my outdoor critters. Our neighbors now walk the trail carrying bells and mace...just in case.

I tried to get a shot of a dog print (upper left in this picture) and kitty tracks (upper right) for comparison with the size of the bear.

He's big enough, in my opinion.


  1. Oh... that's kind of scary! That is a rather large foot!!!

  2. Yikes!!!!! I didn't know they came down that low!!!! I would be carrying bells and mace too!!

  3. Forget the bells and mace!!!! Carry a BIG gun! And wear your fastest sneakers!
    (Do you remember me clanging rocks and singing on the trail at Two Medicine in Montana? One mamma trying to protect her babes from another mamma with babes!)
    Luv ya!
    Stay Safe!!!

  4. Oh dear! That is a big paw...I remember when we lived in Alaska we used to run into the reminder that bears were around hehehe and sometimes it was steaming lol!! thankfully we never had any negative bear encounters up there ~thanks for sharing Love Heather


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