Friday, September 16, 2011

What We Did For Summer Vacation

Loved the baby.

Played in the ocean...

and the pool...

And the creek.

"Spotted" an owl.

Enjoyed a sunny day at the lavender farm.

And discovered a fantastic (cheap!) theme park for little kids in Carnation.

(baby peacock...SO precious!)

Taught Finn to crochet.

Spent lots of time in the hammock. Just swingin'.

1 comment:

  1. Look, Dick, look!Look at baby's fat cheeks!
    See,Spot,See! See the sparkling water!
    Oh, Jane, Oh! Sweet Sisters in the pool!
    See Spot at the creek!
    (Hey! That's not Spot! Cats are not supposed to like water!!!)
    Oh, oh! See R.'s pretty red shoes!
    Look, Spot, Look! Someone else has spots!!!
    Look, Dick, Look! Hey! That is Dick!
    Oh, Oh! Look Ma! No Paddles!!
    See Spot run ~ away from the homely peacock baby!
    Look, Dick, Look! Daddy is afraid and is signaling to stop! Oh, oh!
    Look, look! Two brave girls riding up front!
    See, see! See baby's short legs (she gets that from Grandma!)
    Fun, fun! Looks like your summer was fun!


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