Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pirate Chic

All dressed in pink and red for a Valentine's Day mother/daughter tea.

Just Raegan and I and our rad new pink pirate mugs!


  1. I LOVE it Michele!!! I just showed my honey and he thought you were both cute and wants to find a mug for me now :) Thanks for making me smile :)

  2. Yeah! Nothing says Valentines like a sweet pink Skull mug! Huh?
    But you two are mighty cute!
    Luv ya! <3

  3. Not sure if it's just my connection, but I can't view the top picture. I guess I'll have to check back later.

  4. Argh! Those are the prettiest pirate mugs I've every seen!
    Hope you are all well at the Brownings.

    <3 Kat

  5. Ha those are adorable :) ~Happy Belated Valentines Love Heather


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