Monday, March 12, 2012

Got Milk?

We do!  The prospect of having milk delivered from a semi-local dairy has been considered for a long time now.  When the vendor offered our girls chocolate milk samples at the Flower and Garden Show this year, we figured we might as well try it.

 What were we waiting for!?  Is there anything more exciting than finding tasty dairy products on your own front porch?

Now it's just like Christmas every Monday morning.

And, get this, the milkman drives a "Holstein" painted truck. Too fun!


  1. Oh how fun! And what a nifty little cooler box too. Yay for farm-fresh milk!

  2. Dear B's,

    Thanks for stopping by my place; it's always nice to wave hello!

    Yum, fresh milk! We have some local milk here in Kansas City that they sell in old-fashioned bottles at the store. It's very nostalgic and sweet.

    I love your cat cam!



  3. Wow! I dind't think anyone delivered milk to the doorstep, any more! I remember those days ~ long time ago!
    Love the name of the dairy! Wish Grandpa had had his dairy printed on some milk bottles....sigh....memories....
    The girls will remember this, too! Sweet!

  4. Oh I love it! Back in NY my husbands mother has her milk delivered from a local dairy it is really delicious...Christmas feeling with a painted truck like a cow sounds like a great way to greet monday morning :)


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