Friday, April 13, 2012

Holy Week

We started off holy week with baptisms on Palm Sunday.

And Finn's first food ~ some tasty rice cereal.  Very tasty, as you can see by the reaction.  Perhaps we should have gone with Grandpa's intriguing suggestion: an organic lima bean.

We attended our first Maundy Thursday service this year.  So powerful!  Looking forward to making that a tradition.

And finally, a glorious Resurrection Day with Easter baskets to celebrate.

"Would you like a jelly bean?"


  1. Three precious girls celebrating a special day :)

  2. You got some great pics! (from gammie?) I just got mine uploaded to my computer today! If you want some I can email them to you.
    Raegan's hair is getting so long ~ pretty. Hope she has forgotten about getting it cut!
    Morgan's sweater is really pretty. Bet it will go with the dress I am making!
    Little Miss Finn looks quite pleased with the whole idea of 'eating'! Now if Daddy would just let her turn around so she can get at the contents of that egg!
    Luv ya, all!

  3. How sweet those girlies are!! Rice Cereal now thats big girl food hehehe Happy Easter~Love Heather


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