Thursday, October 22, 2009

Jungle Gym And a New Friend

We like to take walks to get the mail, and on this day we stopped to climb on the pile of logs beside the driveway. And Mama was playing with the black and white feature on the camera.

And, oh joy! Whom do you think we discovered playing here too? A little lost kitten who found plenty of companionship in these two little girls. We thought we were his new family, but alas, the family down the drive decided to adopt him. Maybe their dogs don't harass him so much, although we were quite amused at the way this kitten seemed to tame our big, rambunctious Doberman. Leroy would run at him and rudely shove him with his nose, expecting the kitty to react the way our cats do ~ hissing, swatting, and turning tail ~ you know, good fun for a dog. This tiny cat just purred and snaked himself around his legs. Leroy, dumbfounded, just gave up.

"Someone" does keep asking me where the little black and white kitty is. Every day. They were solid friends for a while, sitting under the picnic table for over an hour happily snuggling and purring. I could hear Rae quietly chattering to him about everything she knew.

I really hope he'll be allowed to visit.


  1. I can't believe just how much he looks like Cricket! Though, a little longer and leaner, perhaps. I love the black and white pictures, but, since that is all we had when I was a wee lass ( you know, way back in the olded days!) I enjoy all the color I can get!
    And ~ aren't my grandbabies just the cutest little miss's ever?
    I love you all!

  2. How precious...
    awww the beauty of
    "the simple things
    in life" *sigh*
    Your writing and pictures are

    Love & Many Blessings~ Miss Jen

  3. Love these pictures! Your baby is looking so grown up... such darling girls!


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