Saturday, October 17, 2009

Leaf Walk

Come tramp through the dripping grasses and glistening spider webs with us to see the beautiful autumn leaves. Isn't October such a glorious month?!


  1. October is glorious, indeed! I love the rain and the sparkling webs made by little 'Charlottes'! Even the spiders themselves have beautifully patterned garments! Walking through the Autumn leaves is one of my favorite things to do ~ especially with your father, the Gentleman Farmer! As you know, this is his favorite time of year, too!
    And I would have loved to take that leaf walk with Miss R and Miss M! We should have had a most glorious romp in the woods!
    Luv ya ~

    p.s. Is that faithful dog LeRoi I see in the background of the 1st pic? ;~}

  2. It is he! Giddily bursting down any obsticle in our path searching for...?

  3. You have the ideal subjects for this walk. Such intensity in those little faces! I am enjoying the stroll with you immensely.

  4. Simply scrumptious!!!
    Precious daughters and beautiful leaves
    what could be better?!!!

    Love~ Jen


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