Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Birthday at the Ballet

We celebrated Raegan's 5th birthday today with an afternoon at the Nutcracker ~ just the birthday girl and Mama. Enchanting!

Raegan is very into corny poses lately. I guess that comes with turning the grand age of 5!

One last picture in front of the Space Needle. And then home to the presents that came in the mail and have been waiting to be opened.


  1. Happy 5th Birthday, Dear Raegan! How special to go to the Nutcracker, just you and your Mom! You both looked so very pretty dressed in red and black!

  2. What a special birthday! Loved the matching red dresses too! So pretty and festive.

  3. How lovely!
    Happy, Happy Birthday to dear Reagan!!!
    May the Lord richly bless you!

    Awww~ I love your matching outfits...
    so sweet! The Nutcraker is so fun...
    I sang in the Nutcracker with some
    dear choir friends last year! :)
    You know the part when it Snows
    and they sing... "awww... awww...
    awww... awww..."

    So lovely... *sigh*

    Love~ Miss Jen

  4. I was the same age (many moons ago) when I saw "The Nutcracker" at the O'Keefe Centre in Toronto, Ontario (for the first time).
    How exciting for you both! And how sweet you look in your matching dresses!

    I'm sure she will remember this for years to come as one of the best birthdays of her life.



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