Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Blessed Thanksgiving!


  1. Wow, that's a great looking turkey there and you look like such a perfect little homemaker in the checkered apron (in a rare appearance of the blog author). But I have to wonder why there is no grease on the apron and the kitchen looks spotless. What's up with that?

    We celebrated with roast venison and were truly thankful for God's provision of meat this year.

  2. I love the pinecone-and-feather turkeys - so cute! Thanksgiving is such a nice holiday, isn't it?

  3. Yes, it was a blessed Thanksgiving! Such fun to be with you and Chris and babies! You did a marvelous job with the turkey!
    Thank you for having us over!
    Luv ya!

  4. What a lovely holiday you've had! Everything looks delicious, and everyone looks very content. I love the apron, especially!



  5. Oh my.... *sigh* just look at that gorgeous turkey
    and lovely lady in such a beautiful apron....
    you are so pretty Mrs.B!

    What a beautiful family and table setting too!!

    Love & Many Blessings~ Miss Jen


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