Thursday, July 1, 2010

Prima Ballerina!

This is Raegan's third ballet performance; she is an iris in the ballet Paquita.

She has learned so much over the last three years, and performed beautifully! She couldn't be more excited about dancing on the "big stage" in front of an audience with all her beloved little ballerina friends.

Can you tell that she's in raptures over the beautiful flowers her proud Daddy presented her with?
What fun to be a part of such a lovely art! Worth all the fuss beforehand... ;)


  1. Raegan was so precious in her iris tutu and knew her routine perfectly! She has grown up so much since the last recital ~ we are so proud of her! What a blessing she is in our lives! We love her so much! (We would love her if she couldn't dance at all ~ if she had two left feet, as they say, just like her Grandpa! ) Thanks for inviting us to share in her special day!


  2. Love the pics! What a pretty ballerina!

  3. She looks so beautiful and so grown up!

  4. What a sweet little ballerina dress. I can really see her mama's face in Raegan's. That picture where she's glancing down at the flowers is just adorable. She really looks pleased! And you must be so proud of her!



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