Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bird Brains

Chickens might not be the most intelligent of creatures, but they certainly have big personalities! Lizzy decided to perch herself on my back while I was checking the coop one day, and rode around there while I tried to snap a picture. Self Portrait With Hen. :}

The girls ~ Queen Elizabeth (or Lizzy), Coco Chanel, and Lady Godiva (who will lay the chocolate colored eggs) ~ have a new location in the yard; lots of new weeds and bugs to snack on.


  1. Adorable shots ~ I have a big smile watching you two :)

  2. Oh, My! I am almost as excited as I'm sure they are about their new digs! They will get along so much better now that they aren't 'cooped' up so closely!
    So cute how Lizzy 'hangs' with her mamma!
    And those young'ns should start laying eggs pretty soon! Can't wait to see the 'chocolate' colored eggs! :~P
    Luv ya!

  3. I love chickens, and I love the names you gave yours! What aristocratic (and fashionable!) hens they must be. :)

  4. I love chickens and I love chocolate. Now if you can just get them lay real chocolate eggs, you're onto something big!

  5. Good morning Michele!
    Thanks for making me smile :) What a cute shot :) Oh, someday I hope to have chickens :) Chocolate Colored eggs? What breed of chicken is that? I had not heard of that (unless you mean brown eggs in general :))

    Have a blessed weekend!


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