Monday, August 23, 2010

Making Mountains Out Of Mole Hills, ant hills?

Miss Rae: "Come look! These are the tiniest mole hills I've ever seen!"


  1. Wow! I actually have never seen a mole hill! Very fascinating! :)

  2. Don't think it a mole, perhaps an ant, but more than likely, come type of bea/wasp! Did you ever see what was doing the building?
    We have some VERY strange wasp type insect that makes holes (no hills) in the ground and are busily going in and out all day long in the last couple of weeks of late summer. When the rains start, they shut themselves up in the ground, not tobe seen again until next summer ~ late. They are about two and one half inches long and a beautiful dark honey color. They seem to like flowers and do not seem to be aggressive. They don't like me, however, to come near their burrows that I must walk on to get to the clothesline! I am always worried one will fly up my pantleg! EEEKK!
    I must do a post on them to see if anyone knows what they are!
    Luv ya!


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