Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Back to Ballet

Miss Kendall returns for a fourth year! Seasoned veteran.

And Miss Presley is just beginning her dancing career because she's "big enough" this year.

Looking forward to another year of graceful dancing!
Enjoying a tasty snack on the long drive home.

Practicing an arabesque in her new blue leotard (which we had to purchase on the way to class). No more pink tutus for this ballerina!

Daddy is always so thoughtful...he surprised us with beautiful flowers for the first day of ballet classes!

Pea's bouquet of *red* gladioli is bigger than she is!


  1. Do you mean to say, that if I take up dancing, someone will bring me flowers? They wouldn't if they saw me dance!!! ;~D
    The girls are simply adorable! Grandpa and I will have to call and hear all about it!
    Luv you all!

  2. Oh boy, little one is "big enough" now! They sure are looking sweet in their new leotards.

    Lovely flowers & thoughtful daddy!


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