Tuesday, September 7, 2010

In Pursuit of the Last Blackberries


  1. I love blackberries! We used to have a thorn-less blackberry bush that grew gigantic berries. After several years it just kind of fizzled out. sad :(

  2. I picked some the other day, that was quite a site to behold! I chose the wrong attire for blackberry picking! It was very hot the other day ~ but I wore a knit T shirt and sandles!! I know better than that but... I managed to get my shirt all snagged from the thorns grabbing me from behind and without completely tearing my shirt up or off! spend approx. 20 minutes disentangling myself from said bush! And to top it off, I 'discovered' a camoflaged wet seeping area ~ remember, I was wearing sandles! But I also managed to pick about 8 cups of delicious Wild Evergreen Blackberries for a Blackberry Buckle to take to friends for dinner Saturday. :~P

  3. I've eaten thousands of blackberries but the best ones I ever ate were some we picked while visiting friends in Edmonds, WA. Must be something about your climate up there!


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