Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Just A Couple Of Pumpkins

Raegan counted 53 pumpkins from our picking on Saturday. That includes the jack~be~littles on the step; can you see them in the background? We have about that many more in the garden left to gather!

A couple of crooknecks.

Most of our pumpkins didn't turn orange completely, but that's ok because we really like green anyway. =)

They make great seats!

Help with our pumpkin picking: Miss Grey Showed Up One Day Probably Our Kitten's Mother Very Sweet But Did We Really Need A FOURTH Cat!?


  1. The pumpkins are just so nice ;-)

    I was able to get quite a bit of them this year, and now they are sitting prettily on my front porch.

    Looking forward to making some pies and muffins and bread...Oh Fall is just so delicious :-)


  2. Such a great harvest of pumpkins! You must have plenty of space to grow these beauties! I am envious ;)

  3. How wonderful!! :)
    Happy Fall to you and your girls!

    Love~ Miss Jen

  4. I have nary a one at my humble abode! :~{
    Perhpas if I come up this weekend, the girls will take me pumpkin' huntin' in your generous garden patch?

  5. Oh, I wish we lived closer. We could hop right over there play amongst all those fabulous pumpkins!

  6. Sorry, I seemed to have lost an "and" somewhere.

    Love & Prayers,

  7. Wow!! Guess you guys don't need to go to a pumpkin patch this year! How fun!!!!


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