Thursday, October 14, 2010

Something's Missing

Raegan's first contribution to the tooth fairy's stash. And the sneaky ol' sprite left her a present in exchange: Toy Story 2!

Now we run around the house shouting, "There's a sssnake in my boot!"


  1. Oh, my heart is melting looking at this sweet little face with a window in her smile!

  2. Grandpa asks, "Raegan, how come I didn't get to pull it out?!" ;~P
    Grandma says,"Raegan, beware of Grandpas with itchy fingers!" ;~* And Morgan better be on the lookout for him, too! Loose tooth or not!! :~b

  3. Oh how sweet!! My children seem to lose a whole bunch of teeth at the same time. It seems like once that one comes loose a whole bunch get loose. ~Cute Picture ...That is some tooth fairy who delivers movies eehehehe !! ~Love Heather


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