Friday, April 16, 2010


My dad has been a great outdoorsman for as long as I've known him (and probably longer). Deer being one of his favorite subjects, I asked him if he could spare some antlers and test out making some rustic buttons from them. He wasn't willing to part with any of his trophies ;) but he did scout out some winter shed that the mice hadn't gotten to yet (they eat them!) Dad sliced the antlers, drilled the holes, and polished them into these beautiful buttons. And I put some in my store.


  1. I love the buttons, what a great idea. Your packaging is very creative as well.



  2. Wonderful buttons! They would be beautiful on a rustic sweater. It sounds like your dad and my husband (also an avid hunter) would have lots of stories to share back and forth.


  3. Those are just beautiful Michele!!! I agree with Elizabeth, they would look great on a rustic style sweater. I love how you displayed the buttons too!

    Have a blessed Sunday!

  4. Your Dad has been an outdoorsman since he was a wee lad. I have a photo of him at about three years old and his Grandpa Allen and the big buck that he got. He's been hunting since he was fourteen and he got his first deer then!
    We also have a photo of you about that age with your daddy and one of his many deer. (That photo was taken in Grandpa Smith's barn! do you remember it?)
    We had so much fun today at Morgan's Birthday party! Thanks for inviting us!
    Luv Ya!

    Oh, ya ~ I really like the card you put the buttons on, too! ;~}

  5. What neat buttons! I never would have thought to make buttons out of antlers! What a clever idea!


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